Child & Family Services of Saginaw

Staff & Clinicians

Annie Coker, LMSW, CTS – Sexual Assault Center Director

Annie is passionate about providing the best and most comprehensive care to victims of sexual assault in our community.  As the Director of the Center, she oversees operations of the Sexual Assault Center and offers expert oversight regarding sexual assault/abuse treatment.

Annie provides clinical services to a small group of clients through our Counseling Center.  Annie is dedicated to supporting and empowering people with significant life changes, those who have experienced trauma or abuse, or who are struggling with depression and anxiety.  Annie will walk with you as you emotionally heal and grow despite any barriers faced through your life.

Annie is trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Colleen Corcoran, LLMSW – Clinician

Colleen believes that everyone has a different story and deserves a voice. She understands the complexities of trauma and the lasting toll that it can leave on a client. Colleen feels strongly that building trust and understanding is important in the therapeutic relationship. She strives to create a safe and welcoming environment for clients to share their own unique struggles. Using trauma informed practices help Colleen works together with clients to achieve their goals and move closer to healing.

Brooke Gomez, LLBSW – Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Coordinator

As the Coordinator of the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), Brooke’s primary focus is the development and management of SART team. Comprised of dedicated professionals, the team will provide trauma-informed, specialized care to survivors and their families. Brooke understands firsthand how significant it is for a survivor of sexual assault to feel heard, supported, and most importantly, believed. Caring deeply about what she does, Brooke is devoted to raising awareness of the services available for sexual assault survivors and helping to educate those providing those services. She is determined to ensure that every survivor receives the care and support that is appropriate for their needs.

Kristi Gregory, BA – Crisis Services Coordinator

Oversees the Victim Advocacy component of the Sexual Assault Center. Trains advocates and coordinates the 24/7/365 crisis intervention services. Acts as a link between the Nurse Examiner Program, local hospitals and law enforcement.

Cassie Herzberger, LLMSW- Clinician

Cassie believes in a person-centered approach to help clients achieve their ideal goals and happiness. Trauma affects each person differently, so Cassie strives to ensure therapy is formed around each person’s specific needs and goals. She acknowledges and appreciates each client’s strengths and uniqueness and encourages and empowers them to be their authentic selves. She believes establishing a trusting relationship with clients is an important component to the therapeutic process. She takes pride in supporting and guiding clients through their personal healing journey.

Tracy Kaul, BS – Legal Advocate

Provides emotional support and advocacy to families dealing with the legal process. Attends court hearings/trials and acts as a collaborative link with law enforcement and the Prosecutor’s office on behalf of sexual assault victims. Also assists with filing Crime Victim Compensation paperwork and is a watch guard for victims’ rights.

Mishelle Powell, LLMSW- Clinician

Mishelle does both group and individual therapy with survivors and their loved ones. She knows that while survivors are experts on their own experiences, it is sometimes necessary to have someone to walk the difficult path of healing with. Mishelle recognizes that no one wants to be alone and therefore values building a relationship with her clients, and the value of survivors building supportive relationships with one another. She believes that through trauma-informed care, clients may recognize their own resilience.

Jane Shanafelt, LLMSW-Clinician 

Jane believes that therapy provides an individual with the opportunity to create an open and trusting relationship that values communication and transparency. She understands that clients are unique and therefore should navigate through counseling on their own terms and at their own pace.  Jane strives to create a space that values acceptance and validation for all survivors and their families. She hopes to help survivors navigate their thoughts and emotions in order to transition to a place of healing. Jane utilizes trauma-informed techniques to emphasize resiliency and healthy coping skills within her clients.

Meaghan Zielinski, BS (Office located at Saginaw Police Department)

Provides advocacy and emotional support to victims interacting with Saginaw Police Department due to sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking. Also assists with crime victim compensation information and assistance, information about victims’ rights, and serves as a liaison and support with law enforcement and Underground Railroad.