Child & Family Services of Saginaw


Experts agree that violent and abusive behaviors are learned and therefore, can be unlearned through education and practice. Providing the community with clear and accurate information on different forms of violence-including sexual harassment, sexual assault and acquaintance rape-leads to a reduction in violence.

The Sexual Assault Center is dedicated to building a safer community where no one has to be a victim. Our Prevention and Education Program is designed to change negative attitudes and behaviors that lead to sexual violence.

Partnership with Schools:

The Sexual Assault Center is extremely proud of it’s relationships with area schools. In an effort to educate about sexual violence, the Sexual Assault Center reaches out to Saginaw County schools and provides free prevention presentations on an array of topics.

Happy Bear Prevention Program:

The objectives of the Happy Bear program are to teach children the “3 R’s” of sexual abuse prevention: recognize, resist, and report sexual assault. The 3R’s will help children recognize and respond appropriately to all types of touching. Happy Bear educates preschool and kindergarten age children throughout Saginaw County, free of charge.

High School & Middle School Education:

As needs arise throughout our community at the High School and Middle School level, we have experts available to provide education to youth in the areas of:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Assault
  • Acquaintance Rape
  • Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Community Resources