Child & Family Services of Saginaw

Legal Advocacy

Our legal advocacy services are intended to aid you and your family during the legal process. We strive to meet your personal needs and minimize trauma during this difficult period. The Sexual Assault Center is committed to helping victims feel empowered and educated about the legal system through the use of our services.

Our Legal Advocate Provides:

  • Education about the legal system
  • Support during the investigative process
  • Emotional support throughout the legal process
  • Referral information for victims and their family members to professional counselors, support groups and community resources
  • A collaborating link with the Children’s Advocacy Center, law enforcement and the prosecutor’s office
  • Tours of the courthouse
  • Information and updates about court cases
  • Assistance in completing victim impact statements
  • Assistance in securing legal rights with the prosecutor’s office, judicial system and local law enforcement
  • Information and assistance when filing for Crime Victim’s Compensation, Crime Victim Notification Network and Personal Protection Orders


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