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Leadership Development

Professional coaching offers a partnership of on going discovery designed to help you define your vision, overcome obstacles, while maximizing your personal potential for success!

When should I consider professional coaching?

  • When your faced with a challenge which leaves you feeling unsure and provides you with an awareness of many existing road blocks.
  • When you lack confidence, experience, or limited knowledge to reach your vision and goal.
  • When you need help in discovering your full potential for success.

What are the benefits of professional coaching?

  • Being able to achieve your goal through discovery and implementation of a successful strategic plan.
  • Providing you choices when there are obstacles that block your vision of success.
  • The discovery of your personal potential to maximization of your professional leadership abilities.

How does professional coaching take place?

Professional coaching appointments are designed and tailored around your personal needs.  Coaching may take place either through scheduled phone calls, or on site appointments.  After you select the most convenient form of partnership building, the conversation begins with you!  Your trained professional coach attentively listens, asks questions, and provides you with observations and direction.  This powerful partnership as a result will provide you with a clear vision and path for success.

Coaching Fees: 

Coaching fees vary among contracted customers as a result of the tailored professional coaching plan which is designed to meet your personal needs.

  • Fees are discounted for current Employee Assistance Contracts

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