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Company Benefits

  • 92% of Americans agree that personal problems spill over into work!
  • 75% – 90% of primary care physicians visits are related to stress.
  • 40% of worker absenteeism is due to depression.
  • One employee with depression cost the employer $3,000 per year due to lost days and reduced productivity when at work.
  • One troubled employee spends at least 53 hours of work time per year trying to resolve family-related issues.

An EAP helps…

In today’s world there are numerous reasons for a company to invest in an EAP. Research has proven that a quality EAP program will provide companies with:

  • Improvements in productivity
  • Increased morale
  • Reduction in health care costs
  • Fewer on the job accidents and injuries
  • Improved employee retention
  • A safer work environment

Support for Management Supervisors

Through your Employee Assistance Program contract, the Employee Wellness Center provides you with unlimited consultation on a variety of sensitive work place issues.  Work place issues may include but are not limited to interpersonal conflicts, insubordination, sexual harassment, and substance abuse.  This beneficial service is available to you by calling your Employee Wellness Center and speaking to the Director.  Through your phone consultation she will help you clearly define the problem and assist you with resolving your work place issue.  If you are unable to reach the Employee Wellness Center Director leave a message and she will return your call as soon as possible.  Whatever the performance issue we can provide supervisors the right solutions for a productive work environment and the confidence he/she needs.

To learn more about our EAP Programs, please contact:

Employee Wellness Center Director
Child and Family Services
2838 Automotive Centre Rd
Saginaw, MI  48603

(989) 790-7500 Ext. 251