Child & Family Services of Saginaw


Mary Jo Hall, LMSW

Specializations: Stress Management, LGBTQA, Anxiety and Panic, Depression/Grief and Loss, Gender Orientation Issues and Postpartum Depression.

Mary Jo summarizes the key to good psychotherapy in one word: relationship.  She believes if a client trusts the listening ear, then a relationship built on mutual trust and respect can develop as well as skill building and option exploring.  The most technically skilled clinician will be less likely to aid the client from benefiting from therapy if the client views the clinician as detached or unconcerned.  A clinician who listens, empathizes, validates, challenges, explores and is “active” in the process, establishes a relationship with the client where options, choices and change can grow.

Christine Brennan, LMSW

Specializations:  Depression, anxiety, Suicide Prevention, LGBT issues, substance abuse, Self esteem issues and anger management

Chris believes that most people engaging in therapy have a good awareness as to what they need to change. She is quick to give clients a trusting venue to explore issues and help them identify coping skills for healthy changes and the tools to apply them in every day life.

Jenn Hatch, MA, LPC, GC-C – Counseling Center Director

Specializations: Depression/Grief and Loss, Anxiety and Panic, Stress Management, Family Issues, Children’s Issues and PTSD.

Jenn believes in helping her clients accomplish his/her goals.  In order to do this, she engages with her clients and sets out to establish trust and rapport with them quickly.  Jenn believes in having clients speak openly to her in order to problem solve with them and offer hope.  Jenn views therapy as a partnership between the client and clinician working together to improve overall emotional well-being.

Jim Haufe, LLP

Specializations: Behavior and Conduct Issues, AD/HD, Anger Management, Stress Management, Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors, Anxiety and Panic, and Depression/Grief and Loss.

Jim believes in the value of partnering with his clients. Jim states, “I don’t have all of the answers, but I help clients find the answers they have within themselves. My approach with families is to help parents be consistently involved when working with children and adolescents.”

Kathy Lorentzen, LMSW

Specialization:  Depression, Anxiety, Trauma/PTSD, Life Management Skills, Step-parenting Counseling, Grief and Loss, Healing Childhood Issues, Marriage/Couple Counseling and Stress Management

I believe in the dignity and self worth of every individual.  I will go at a pace that is determined by the client.  I utilize eclectic techniques because every person is different and I want the technique to be individualized for them.  It is vital that the client is comfortable in sessions.  I am laid back which helps to put clients at ease.  I love when clients see their strengths and purpose in life.  I love helping them find these.

Nicole Marinelli, LPC – Employee Wellness Center Director

Specializations: Anxiety, depression, adjustment, grief/loss, trauma, gender orientation/identify, LGBTQA, anger management.

I approach counseling as a partnership between myself and the client. My role is to support and empower the client in accomplishing their personal goals and help the client to recognize their strengths. I strive to create an environment in which the client can trust and feel safe in the counseling relationship, so that they may explore uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety, sadness, guilt, or helplessness without risk of additional harm. I seek to help a client identify the link between their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, as well as provide individualized education and skills dependent on the client’s needs. Everyone views the world based on their own life experiences; I am happy to meet the client where they are and support them on their personal journey.

Randall Mey, LMSW

Randy believes in the importance of each client.  Person centered planning is necessary for client growth along with comfort level.  Randy believes in providing support and insight not just to the client, but to their families.  Randy states, “education is also an important piece of the therapy puzzle.”

Kathy Palmer, LMSW

Specializations: Anger Management, Stress Management, PTSD, LGBTQA,  Anxiety and Panic, Depression/Grief and Loss, and Coaching.

Kathy believes as a therapist it’s important to acknowledge and to honor a person’s courage to show up and address their concerns and/or problems. She believes the most important part of her role as a therapist is to listen carefully and then to guide a person on their journey to finding answers to their questions, solutions to their problems and/or resolution of the effects of trauma. Kathy also believes it’s critical to remember that each person that comes to therapy is unique when she’s providing interventions and guidance for the concerns and problems they are sharing with her.

Tracy Racquepaw, MA

Tracey believes in establishing rapport quickly with her clients. Tracey’s philosophy is based in cognitive restructuring, yet describes her techniques as eclectic. She recognizes one method of treatment does not fit all clients. She partners with her clients to find techniques which affect positive outcomes in their lives.

Coretta Roberts, LMSW

Specializations:  anxiety, depression, stress management, conduct issues

Coretta believes that the client and therapist must build trust and rapport before therapy begins to take a direction.  Coretta feels having trust in the working relationship leads to open communication.  She believes her ultimate goal of therapy is to assist the client with learning ways to cope with issues and concerns.

Carol Robinson, MA, LPC

Specializations: Couples Counseling, PTSD, Stress Management, Depression/Grief and Loss, Gender Orientation Issues and Marriage/Relationship Issues.

Carol believes counseling is a means for an individual, couple or family to take charge of their life. The role of counselor is to advocate for the changes that the client decides on, to make a positive life change.  Counseling requires hard work, dedication and determination on the part of both the client and the counselor.  Empowerment, growth and change can all be accomplished through counseling. Carol believes the relationship between the client and counselor is very important and based on trust. Carol’s approach is based on a strong therapeutic relationship and she utilizes a holistic approach while relying on research based practices.

Ashley Schmidt, MA, LPC, CADC

Specializations: addictions, stress management, grief, anxiety, and depression

Ashley believes in establishing trust and comfort. She aims to gain understanding the client’s point of view, and guiding the client toward their goal(s), which  are the essentials of counseling.  Ashley states, “I like the client to see their full potential and help them understand how they can reach it.”

Chelsea Seaver, LMSW

Specializations: Couples Counseling, Marriage/Relationship Issues, Anxiety and Stress, Depression, and Anger Management.

Chelsea believes in the importance of relationships.  She feels that building trust and maintaining a healthy therapeutic relationship is the building block to successful counseling.  She is passionate about supporting clients on their journey to successfully meeting their goals, hopes, and dreams. Chelsea feels it is important to empower clients to realize their potential and assist them in building skills to be independent and successful.

Jim Stickle, LMSW

Specializations: Anger Management, Stress Management, PTSD, Anxiety and Panic, Depression/Grief and Loss, and Marriage/Relationship Issues.

Jim provides the best services that he can when individuals seek for his support.  He believes in treating his clients with respect and dignity and also respecting their right to design and decide what type of life they want to pursue and live.  His services are strength based, and focus on the client’s behaviors that are functional and work to make their life more satisfying.  He believes in helping people to make choices to live a more satisfying life.

 Regina Simon, MSW, LMSW

Specializations: Behavior and Conduct Issues, AD/HD, Children’s Issues, LGBTQA, Anger Management, Stress Management, Obsessive Compulsive Behavior, Depression/Grief and Loss and Gender Orientation Issues

Regina believes in developing a supportive and nonjudgmental relationship with all clients.  Each child, adult and family has unique needs based on their individual lives and wants for themselves.  Therapeutic goals are based on the client’s thoughts about what they feel needs to change in their lives.  Therapy is centered on the client’s ability to accept control over their behaviors and decisions through accuracy of thoughts and emotions.  Each client has a different beginning point for changes desired in their lives and this is where therapy begins.

Barry Stephens, MA, LPC

Specializations: Behavior and Conduct Issues, Couples Counseling, Anger Management, Marriage/Relationship Issues and Co-Occurring Issues (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Issues).

Barry believes in building positive rapport with each client so that together they can find solutions. He believes in helping them cope with problems they are having. Barry states, “the ultimate transaction is when I am able to help clients help themselves”.

 Dr. Kaushik Raval, MD

Adult, child and adolescent psychiatry.